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St.Johannis Church Goettingen

Image Copyright: Anita Skiba

The Johannis church is directly situated behind the old town hall. It was built with two different towers at the beginning of the 13th century. The building style of the church has been changed often through its long history. The portal from 1245 is distinctive Romanesque. In the beginning of the 14th century, the building was continued in gothic style. The work on the church, not the towers, finished in 1350. The completion of the towers is dated in the 15th century, the tower bonnets were created only in 1661/62. Also the choir and the chancel were changed several times. Today's picture stems from the years 1954-1966.


Image Copyright: Stefan Scheiter

If you want to a have a brilliant overview of Göttingen and don't mind the 238 steps, the Johannis church tower is open on Saturdays between 2-4pm. Two students live up there, they forgo the amenity of running water and a toilet to be able to enjoy the view over Göttingen. If you want to save on the DM 2,- entrance fee, carry a canister of water up.

Tower ascent
Sat 2-4pm
Church is open
from 11am - 12nn
Ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde
St. Johannis
Frau Bettina Lattke
Johanniskirchhof 2
37073 Göttingen

Phone: (05 51) 48 62 41

Panorama view from the Johannis church

Image Copyright: Anita Skiba

There are further old buildings around the churchyard, which are also part of the town's history.
At the Johanniskirchhof 2 (Johannis churchyard)are standing the parish house and the parish hall from the year 1778. Here is also the office of the Göttinger town diocese. The late baroque half-timbered house was built in 1785 at the Johanniskirchhof 3 by Johann Jacob Schmincke. It was used as a residence and guest house with coffee bar. Until 1977/78 was the tavern in this house active. After a total renovation the house now offers accommondation for students. BLOCK>
The St.Johannis church is used by the town diocese as their main place of activity.

Theme tours for groups
Churches from the Middle Ages
Round tour 2,5 hours 130,00 DM
Foreign language 150,00 DM
maximal 25 persons per tour

Altes Rathaus, Am Markt
37073 Göttingen
Tel. 05 51 - 4 99 80-12
Fax 05 51 - 4 99 80-10

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